Atmospheric architect Tom Nackaerts takes you along into his dream world. This is a world where colours talk, scents dance around you and where the bold and vulnerable live together. 

He is impassioned and stimulated by everything nature presents to him. He designs the most beautiful creations with care and respect for the materials.

Like a passionate master binder, Tom and his staff conjure the most beautiful bouquets from their hands. Each floral creation has its own story, but all with the same purpose: Surprising in Style.

A few of our brands


This family business in Utrecht has already been operating for five generations. The exceptional quality ceramics and glazing cannot fail to catch everyone’s eye, and have brought the company worldwide renown. This is not just ceramics; the products are each art works for life. Young Amadeus is one of this company’s exclusive partners in Belgium.


This company designed the famous Anduze pottery for the gardens in Versailles. Stone baked pots with beautiful colours turn these pots into a true painting. A pot from La Madeleine immediately brings a piece of history into your garden, orangery or terrace.


The scented candles from Cire Trudon breathe style, class and history. Their perfumes are unequalled and bathe your home in pure luxury. Each candle cast in the recognisable Venetian glassware tells a story and takes you on a journey. Once departed you will never want to return.


These collections inspired and designed by Tom Nackaerts translate the spirit of Young Amadeus. Stylish glassware and numerous beautiful antique pieces of stoneware embody Tom’s idea of beauty. This is a marriage between the refinement and the robustness of nature around us, based on traditional beauty and culture.


A journey around the world in its purest form. Natural candles based on soya with stunning scents take you on a journey. Close your eyes and Geodesis takes you to places of the greatest beauty.