On 25 May 2007 Tom Nackaerts decided together with his partner Peter Van Dessel to develop his dream project. In an era when the compact, simple and colourless are the norm, they go in search of pure romanticism, colour and naturalness.

Young Amadeus originally worked on projects for private celebrations, home decorations and businesses. As more people became familiar with the project, the need originated for a permanent home. Tom and Peter found it in the Mechelsestraat in Leuven, where Young Amadeus opened its doors on 14 November 2008. The shop is brimming with colours, scents and romanticism. It had become a permanent fixture in the city of Leuven, but after just a few years it did prove to be a little too small.

A brand-new Young Amadeus lifestyle store opened on 1 February 2014. This was only 50 metres away from the previous location, but spacious and just as stimulating for all the senses. Flowers, plants, pottery, glassware and small furniture have all found their place here.

Young Amadeus Boutique sees the light of day in the Mechelsestraat. This is a supplement for the interior with bed linen, towels and numerous attractive gifts.