Serenity, energy and creativity. An interior is a living painting. It tells the story of your life.  At Young Amadeus Boutique Tom Nackaerts offers a range of selected products to give the desired colour to your life.

After dreaming a busy working day away between silky sheets, enjoy delightful house perfumes and surround yourself in the softest travelling rugs and towels.  These are all from European producers exclusively creating their products with the purest of materials.

A few of our brands


The bed linen from Yves Delorme never fails to surprise. Attractive prints and intense colours result in the perfect bed adornment. Sleeping in luxury is no longer a dream with the different finishes and the use of a variety of fabrics.


The custom-made bed linen from Mirabel Slabbinck ensures the final touch for the nicest of homes, chalets, yachts, etc. Besides pure functionality, the creations embody emotional, aesthetical and even cultural values. Clothing manufacture takes place under its personal supervision in the workshops in Bruges. As a “golden partner” Young Amadeus offers the complete collection along with a range of custom-made work!


If you really want to go that extra mile, Roberto Cavalli is the person you need. Overwhelming prints, the softest fabrics, silk pillows and travelling rugs. Once the designs of this Italian are laid on your bed it is difficult to rise and leave the bedroom.


A perfect dinner requires perfect table dressing. The table linen from Le Jacquard Français gives your celebration table the allure you desire. Stylish prints or subtle class, the perfect linen for any atmosphere. Young Amadeus follows this whole collection and offers room for numerous accessories such as serviettes, table runners, kitchen towels and kitchen aprons.


‘Each room and each season is a perfume’, that is the philosophy of this reputable French perfume house.  Surprisingly fresh or daringly spicy, you have the right scent for each atmosphere.