Tom Nackaerts is known as an impassioned driving force in the business. He constantly strives to achieve a perfect balance between renewal and respect for traditional values. This is a passion that was recently acknowledged by being awarded the gold decoration of the “Laureaten Aan De Arbeid”. This was a reward for 20 years of active and creative contributions to the profession with his committed and passionate work.

Since 2012 Young Amadeus has sported the title “Best Florist in Belgium”, a prestigious accolade that celebrates the attention to our products, detail and customer satisfaction.
Young Amadeus was hailed because of the atmosphere, the total concept, but first and foremost for the attention devoted to the quality of the products.

You can only create the most beautiful results if you surround yourself with products of the highest quality. This vision has been at the core of the thinking of Young Amadeus right from the start.

We maintain very close contact with our growers. We follow the whole cultivation process and try to keep maximum control over the products. We choose to work with European growers to the extent possible. They make sure that the flowers are carefully cultured, while respecting the social rights of their employees. They also mainly use natural pesticides during the cultivation process.

The fabrics, yarns and perfumes in both stores have the same story.
Belgian top labels of worldwide renown such as Slabbinck and Libeco, and French perfume houses such as Cire Trudon, Esteban and Geodesis are loyal partners.